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The project aims to develop a structure able to provide support to stakeholders involved in the management and conservation of nature and natural resources: managers of protected areas, NGOs, public authorities, businesses, the general public of the target area. The target area is the border area of the Crisul Alb / Körös and Mures / Maros basin.

The project has two levels of development: creating the necessary infrastructure for cross-border protected area of the Resource Center (X-PARC) and activities that are designed to collect information necessary for the specific activities of the center - consulting, support, promotion, dissemination, education.

The Centre will be established in three locations, with complementary functions: Arad, Gyula Bekescsaba:
- X-PARC Center Arad will work especially in terms of biodiversity conservation and appropriate management of protected natural areas;
- X-PARC Center Gyula will have a primarily educational purpose for the environmental education of children and youth and for initiating farmers in organic farming;
- X-PARC Center Békéscsaba for developing environmental policies and the relationship with government and local, regional and even national environment.

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In This Project

Leader Partner - The Association for the Promotion of Natural and Cultural Values of Banat and Crisana "EXCELSIOR" Arad

The Association for the Promotion of Natural and Cultural Values of Banat and Crisan "Excelsior" is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006 by a group of young professionals in the fields of ecology and environmental protection. All the members of the association are graduate specialists in biology, ecology, geography, science and law.

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Partner no. 1 - The Körös-Maros Foundation for Rural Development and Ecological Agriculture Gyula

 The Körös-Maros Foundation is a non-governmental organization with experience, working in natural resource management, sustainable rural development and farming.

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Partner no. 2 - The Association for Sustainable Development of Békés-Bihor Euroregion "Zöld 14", Békéscsaba

"Zöld 14" is a newly formed Hungarian non-governmental organization working in the field of nature and environment. The organization participates in various environmental campaigns in education and public awareness for nature protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

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